The Cathedral & John Connon Alumni Association is registered with the Mumbai Charity Commissioner as a Charitable Society. The Association organises and facilitates several activities to further its charitable goals, including but not limited to

  • Publishing an annual alumni magazine for free distribution to its members
  • Retired Teachers’  & Staff Medical Benefit Scheme
  • Summer School  to integrate Manori village children  with Cathedral School children
  • Founders’ Day  and other events
  • Maintaining the association website for members

From time to time the alumni association organises several other activities for the benefit of the school, its members and the community. Previous events have included:

  • TALKS: The Alumni Association very actively organises career talks where alumni bring their varied experience and perspectives to share with senior students as they embark on their college applications.
  • NETWORKING: Ex–students benefit tremendously from meeting old classmates and even alumni at large from different classes – they relive old times and make new relationships. To facilitate this, the Association has several events a year at popular spots in the city. Most recently there was a fellowship evening at Café Zoe and even a nature walk at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Upcoming events include the Founders Day brunch at Blue Sea, post Diwali.
  • CHARITY:  We are proud of our Retired teachers and Staff medical benefits Scheme which provides health care to retired staff. The Summer School at Manori village has 25 village children participating in the cathedral Summer Schol sponsored by the Alumni Association.
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