As most of you must be aware, the Alumni Association’s aim to commemorate the 150th year of our School was to have a group medical insurance policy (as a pilot project for the first year) for our retired teachers and staff.  After a lot of hard work and fund raising, we are delighted to inform you that we have succeeded in initially insuring 38 retired teachers and staff who are in an age band that spans up to the age of 80!

These are retired teachers who have worked in the school for ten years or more. They will each be covered for Rs. three lakhs annually.  The total premium we have paid for this entire group of 38 staff is Rs. seven lakhs and ninety five thousand. As this is a pilot project for the first year, you will appreciate that if during the year we find a better and more economical alternative, we would be inclined to shift to another scheme more suitable to the cause.

We are really indebted to all of you who have made this dream come true.  After all, it is these teachers who have made many of us whom we are today, and this medical benefit scheme is a fitting tribute to their dedication over the years.

Each retired teacher and staff member has also been given an identity card and a directory of over 80 doctors who are on our medical panel. These doctors have very kindly offered free or partially-free assistance to those enlisted in this scheme.

We have also put in place a medical emergency fund for those who do not qualify or do not fall within the purview of the insurance scheme, or might need urgent medical assistance. A framework is being set for this purpose so that each application may be individually scrutinized by the committee and assistance provided on the basis of certain criteria being fulfilled. This would allow for a more equitable form of aid to all the retired teachers and staff.

A governance plan has been set in place and the fund is monitored and managed by a separate committee consisting of Bibhash Asar, Viral Doshi, Shyla Boga Patel and Pranay Shah.

We depend on the proverbial magnanimity of our alumni to keep our corpus growing and our coffers overflowing! For a list of donors, click here.

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