A flyer went out eleven years ago to the children of the Middle School. It said:

Would you like to:
Gaze at the stars?
Paint a wall?
Kick a ball?
Craft a pot?
Laugh a lot?
Plant a tree?
Make a kite?
Play Housie at night?

Of course, they would. The response was overwhelming and so, since 2002 the Summer School has become an integral part of the School Calendar. By December each year we have a waiting-list of hopefuls. As soon as the School vacations start so does the Summer School.

It is held at Manoribel in Manori village. The idea, besides having a lot of fun, is for the 45 children from the Middle School to integrate with 25 children from the village who take part in all the activities along side the Cathedral children, The Manori children are sponsored by the Association. The Summer School has been conceptualised and organised by Shyla Boga Patel. It is at all times accompanied by five staff members of the school who take excellent care of the children.

The accommodation at Manoribel is superb and the food tends to vanish quite fast! We take the entire hotel so that there are no outside guests, or security concerns.

The workshops are run by men and women known for their excellence. Art: Nanda Das, Environment: Anish Andheria, Theatre: Rajit Kapoor, Pottery Abbas and Yusuf Galwani, Robotics: Asha Sunderajan, Dance: Shiamak’s troupe, to name a few. Of course, over the years, a whole host of other disciplines have also been covered,

The main aim of the Summer School is integration of the rural and the urban. The Mumbai children visit the local farm houses, temple and church, learn how toddy is tapped and rice is grown. On the other hand, the Manori children get the opportunity to do astronomy, pottery, dance and robotics. Another aim is to learn outside the confines of a school…both mentally and physically.

The Summer School receives a donation of Rs. one lakh from the Alumni Association.

One visit to Manoribel and you will see that the sheer electricity and joy in the air, certainly makes it worth it.

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