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The Cathedral & John Connon school is not just a school – it’s an institution. Since 1860 its walls have been witness to the likes of Ratan Tata, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and Salman Rushdie, amongst others. Cathedral’s rich history and tradition have ensured that Alumni and Cathedralites all over the world feel connected just by the virtue of being Cathedralites.

The Alumni Association realizes the value of this and is on a mission to preserve and archive this heritage in conjunct with the school. This digital archive will host scanned photos through the ages, school memorabilia and even videos of the early graduates telling stories of different times. Do contribute any memories you may have preserved in old diaries or even just browse, find your old classmates with their bad hair days and reminisce together as we take you down nostalgia lane.

Whilst new material will be periodically added to the archive, the school & alumni association have jointly decided to launch with:


School Magazines from 1923 to 1927, 1966, and 1991

Alumni Video interviews

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