Rahul Chatterji passes away

1 - rahul chatterjee passes away - 22-8-2018
(Rahul Chatterji, Barham, Oct. 4, 1959 – August 21, 2018)
Our beloved friend and classmate, Rahula Chatz passed away from cardiac failure in Pune yesterday. He was 58. The only son of classical dancer, the legendary Ritha Devi, and Indra Chatterji, (both deceased) Rahul was a talented musician and extraordinary blues guitarist, who was heavily influenced by his mother’s artistic sensibilities.
Rahul attended Cathedral School (Barham House) from KG through the 10th standard when he left for the UK to complete his “A” levels. He then graduated with a degree in engineering from Cooper Union, in New York City, and worked for a few years as a software consultant on Wall Street, before his enormous talent forced him to abandon the mundane world of business and devote his life to music. He moved to India with his mother and settled down in Pune, where he remained active as a musician, music teacher, and artist till his untimely and tragic death.
We will remember Chatty for his warmth, intelligence and wit. He made many friends and touched our lives in many ways, not just with his enormous musical talent. He co-founded and played lead guitar in “Thermocole Caterpillar”, our school band (with the legendary Ranjit Barot on drums) and was always ready to perform for us at our class parties. He lived the rock star’s life; he broke many hearts. All we have now are warm anecdotes and memories of our dear friend. 
Let us celebrate his life.
Tonight, Rahula will have top billing at a celestial concert along with Morrison, Garcia and Lennon. What joy he must feel!
It’s true … this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
In our hearts, you will stay forever young.
We will never forget you.
Your colleagues and classmates
ICSE Class of ’74 & ISC Class of 1’75

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