Walk through the Living Cathedral

The Living Cathedral
The Point Zero of prima in Indis, the divine home to our youngest Cathedralites and one of the oldest churches in India, the St. Thomas’ Cathedral turned 300 in 2018.
Come and pay tribute to the Cathedral without which there would be no Cathedralite, and learn more about our shared history by joining a guided walk through the “Living Cathedral” exhibition at the CSMVS Museum. The exhibit highlights the archives and artefacts of the Cathedral including baptisms, chalices and seals that throw light on the history of Mumbai and its people.
Nandini Sampat nee Somaya (Palmer, ISC 1997) of Somaya and Kalappa, the curator, will walk us through the exhibition from 11 am to 12 pm on Saturday January 12, 2019, followed by refreshments at the Museum Cafe.
Date: 12th January 2019
Venue: CSMVS Museum, M.G Road, Kala Ghoda
Time: 11am to 12 noon followed by refreshments at the Museum Cafe

A small museum entrance fee applies. Please RSVP as soon as possible on this link as numbers are limited.


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