Western Classical Music 101 At The Quarter

Every month your in-laws drag you to front-row seats at the NCPA for a classical music concert and you wish you were at the Bombay Gym with your girls… Suddenly your friends are all discussing what to book for the upcoming SOI season and you feel a bit silly that you don’t know the difference between a sonata and a symphony. Now your four-year-old is learning the piano and she’s laughing at you because you think The Magic Flute is a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

The Alumni Association has the answer to your Western classical music woes. Join us for two music appreciation classes, one on July 24th for adults and the other on July 28th for children, in which classically trained pianist and alumna Dr. Dhanwanti Rajwade will help us to appreciate the nuances of this brilliant art form. Both events will be held at The Quarter, the iconic Royal Opera House.

In “Western Classical Music 101”, Dr. Rajwade plans to introduce alumni to the various genres of Western classical music and take us on a journey through European history and its impact on music. Through amusing anecdotes, piano as well as orchestral pieces, and small details of composers’ lives, she will make this musical art form more accessible to us all. She will link music, art and cinema and explain the modern-day relevance of Western classical music, while touching upon lesser known composers such as Saint-Saëns, Smetana and many others. If you have ever wondered who was responsible for the music heralding some advertisements, cartoons, Hollywood (and some Bollywood) motion pictures, the answers will be found in this interesting, quirky class.

Score: Western Classical Music 101 (Adults)
Date: Tuesday, July 24th
Time Signature: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Donor Pass : Rs. 2,000/-
Inclusions: A glass of wine/sangria and a specially curated “Quarter plate” of snacks

Book your passes here: https://in.explara.com/e/cathedral-alumni-association-western-classical-music-1-0

In “Secrets of the Orchestra”, Dr. Rajwade will expose the secrets of Western classical music to our children. Through story and mime, she will explain the various instruments of the orchestra, the seating patterns, and the unwritten (and written) rules that envelope the functioning of an orchestra. In an interactive session, she will rope the kids in to transforming themselves into different animals and letting themselves go, while arousing a deep curiosity in the subject. She hopes to give them enough fodder to tune into classical FM. She also aims to expose students of musical instruments to other orchestral instruments and help them to get their friends on board!

Score: Secrets of the Orchestra (Children aged 3-10 years)
Date: Saturday, July 28th
Time Signature: 4- 5:30 pm
Donor Pass : Rs. 2000/- per child and 1 accompanying adult
Inclusions: A beverage for the accompanying adult and unlimited pizza for the child

Book your passes here: https://in.explara.com/e/cathedral-alumni-association-western-classical-music-for-kids